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Hypothermia prevention products

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Shop our product range

Our passive warming technology has been designed and developed with experts in the medical and emergency fields. THERMARMOUR delivers clinically proven hypothermia prevention technology.

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Emergency Blanket

Emergency BlanketWhether you are solo hiking or part of an emergency services team, the THERMARMOUR Emergency Blankets are highly effective in emergency situations when fast attempts to return yourself or those you’re treating to normothermic state is essential.


Emergency Poncho

Emergency PonchoDeveloped for the emergency services, first responders and the military. The THERMARMOUR Poncho helps to protect the patient as soon as assistance arrives. The addition of a hood also helps to avoid heat loss from the head.

Medical Blanket

Medical BlanketOur passive warming blanket has been designed and developed with clinicians and medics to keep and maintain patients at a normothermic level within a clinical setting. Improving patient comfort and outcomes perioperatively, whilst optimising operational and cost efficiencies.


Hand Warming Pouch

Thermarmour Hand Warming PouchThis Emergency hand warming pouch, which can be used as a Raynaud’s hand warmer, helps to protect the patient’s hands from further cold exposure. This is important in the case of a Raynaud’s episode.

Medical Cap

Medical CapThermarmour Medical Cap for elective surgery. One size fits all using latex-free elastic. Reduces patient’s heat loss through the head throughout the perioperative period.


Emergency Baby Wrap

Emergency Baby WrapPractical, life saving Emergency Baby Wraps made from THERMARMOUR hypothermia prevention material. These are invaluable for ambulance teams called out to assist with home births and births in vehicles.  The Emergency Baby Wraps are developed to be suitable for full-term newborns and babies up to 1 month old.


Hypothermia Evacuation Bag

Hypothermia Evacuation BagSpecially designed emergency rescue casualty bag that offers excellent insulation properties to protect against wind, rain, and the cold. It has the strength to be lifted and move casualties in a hostile environment. Manufactured incorporating THERMARMOUR Xtreme fabric.

Military Poncho

Military PonchoThe THERMARMOUR Military Poncho helps to protect injured or shocked personnel as soon as assistance arrives. The addition of a hood also helps to avoid heat loss from the head. Longer length than the Emergency Poncho, this covers more of the legs and provides more protection to the body.

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