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THERMARMOUR is a lightweight insulating material used to save lives. Watch our videos to learn more

Watch our videos to learn more

THERMARMOUR engineers have developed a range of smart fabrics that have excellent thermal efficiencies. Products containing THERMARMOUR will help prevent the effects of hypothermia from the moment the casualty or patient is reached. Watch these videos to learn more about how the products are used.

Together let's save lives


The human body is an incredible machine. When a body is under stress, maintaining a safe core temperature can quickly become a challenge. With THERMARMOUR, we help meet that challenge, whatever the environment.

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Thermarmour Medical Blanket


THERMARMOUR Medical Blanket: Preventing hypothermia in patients before, during and after surgery

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Thermarmour Emergency Blanket


THERMARMOUR Emergency Blanket: Preventing hypothermia in rescued swimmers

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Thermarmour Emergency Blanket


THERMARMOUR Emergency Blanket & Poncho: Preventing hypothermia in mountain rescue casualties

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Thermarmour Hypothermia bag


THERMARMOUR Hypothermia Bag: Safely evacuate the injured from a site to get medical help

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