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Clinical Evidence

THERMARMOUR has been tested by medical experts who use thermal insulation materials to prevent hypothermia in patients.

Clinical Evidence For THERMARMOUR

Clinical Evidence For THERMARMOUR

THERMARMOUR has been thoroughly tested by clinicians and independent experts who have confirmed its effectiveness at maintaining normothermia in a perioperative setting. Please see the full outputs from these clinical trials below and get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

Please note that the following studies were undertaken using the same product but under the previous brand name of ‘Orve-wrap.’

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  • Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Report on post-operative warming (2019)

    In summary, when evaluating against mean patient temperature at 40 and 60 minutes this study demonstrates Thermarmour’s non-inferiority to forced air warming in the post-operative phase. Alongside this, during the patients’ PACU stay, the adverse event rates were low. They were statistically not significantly different. This demonstrated the clinical utility of Thermarmour in the post-operative period. The advantages of the Thermarmour blankets are that they are quick to apply to the patient. And numerous blankets only require a single heat source to “charge” with heat.

    Download full report

  • Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

    Temperature management in major spine surgery

    This service evaluation demonstrated that in spine surgery, the use of a Thermarmour warming blanket can achieve a high degree of compliance with the WHO standard for temperature management. The warming blankets are £13 cheaper than Forced Air Warming. This can save £8,000 per year in our institution.”

    Download full report

  • The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

    Managing perioperative normothermia in post anaesthetic care

    By analysing the data collected we conclude that the preheated Thermarmour and Bair® Hugger perform comparably. In actively warming patients with IPH in the postoperative PACU period. In addition, cost analysis reveals a potential saving of £5.30 for each patient if the Thermarmour is adopted by the PACU department. This is a significant cost benefit for the department.

    Download full report

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