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Emergency Baby Wrap

Emergency Baby Wrap

Emergency Baby WrapPractical, life saving Emergency Baby Wraps made from THERMARMOUR hypothermia prevention material. These are invaluable for ambulance teams called out to assist with home births and births in vehicles.  The Emergency Baby Wraps are developed to be suitable for full-term newborns and babies up to 1 month old.


  • Size: 55cm x 57cm
  • No heat source required
  • Can be pre-warmed in a blanket warmer if required
  • Compressed packaging for ease of storage
  • X-ray compatible
  • Latex-free
  • Standalone, patient specific
  • Central opening to allow easy access by a clinician
  • Sealed at sides to create a pouch
  • Patent pending technology


  • Emergency services
  • First responders
  • Medical teams

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