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18th June 2024

THERMARMOUR is now available on NHS Supply Chain

You can now purchase THERMARMOUR patient warming products on NHS Supply Chain. The online catalogue will feature the Medical Blanket, designed to be used before, during, and after a surgical procedure.

All THERMARMOUR products feature a convenient and compact packaging design, making it easy to store in hospitals, clinics and ambulances. Take a look at our passive warming range on Supply Chain.


A solution for perioperative hypothermia

Our medical blankets are designed to remain with the patient throughout their surgical pathway. We recommend pre-warming the patient before transportation to the operating room, as this reduces the risk of the patient entering the room cold.

The blanket then stays over the patient throughout the surgery, and into their recovery. Conveniently, the blanket can be cut to suit any procedure, and ensures the patient feels warm and comfortable throughout, which is vital in a vulnerable and stressful time.

They are a cost-effective solution compared to others, such as forced air warming. Our medical blankets do not require an additional heat source to work, or any equipment. They are a standalone, patient specific product that works by using the patients own body heat, and re-circulating it.




Why does preventing perioperative hypothermia matter?

Perioperative hypothermia can cause a range of complications for a patient. Not only is it an unpleasant experience for the patient, but things such as post operative infections, complications of surgical wounds, prolonged bleeding, amongst other issues.

The benefits of passive warming to prevent perioperative hypothermia extend outside of the patient. THERMARMOUR allows you to find cost and operational efficiencies too. A patient who develops perioperative hypothermia requires more resources, in terms of medicine, hospital supplies and staff time.

Furthermore, the condition causes a longer recovery, and in turn, a prolonged hospital stay. When waiting lists are growing, reducing the length of a patients stay is crucial. The use of a passive warming blanket is a cost-effective, simple, and accessible method to achieving efficiency in the surgical pathway.



Watch the THERMARMOUR Medical blanket in action


Medical blanket features

Our passive warming medical blanket has been designed and developed with clinicians and medics to keep and maintain patients at a normothermic level within a clinical setting. Features include:

  • Size: 100cm x 150cm
  • No heat source required
  • Various sizes available to suit all procedures
  • Can be cut to size
  • X-ray compatible
  • Latex-free
  • Standalone, patient specific
  • Recyclable
  • Can be pre-warmed
  • Patent pending technology

Designed to be a simple and effective solution to inadvertent perioperative hypothermia, THERMARMOUR medical blankets are compact, lightweight, and easy to store. Making them the ideal solution for many hospitals, where storage space may be limited.


Get in touch

THERMARMOUR is now available on NHS Supply Chain, if you have any questions about our medical blanket, you can contact our helpful team. Or, visit our LinkedIn to keep up to date with the latest in hypothermia prevention solutions.

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