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29th May 2024

Our 8 step checklist to successfully procure a new patient warming solution

Maintaining normothermia throughout the patient pathway is critical for patient comfort, and post-operative outcomes. Studies show that pre-warming patients can reduce post-operative infections by up to 40%.

While it is agreed by clinicians that pre-warming patients should occur, the process and tools used can differ from Trust to Trust. There are a range of solutions available to meet patient warming needs effectively.

We are here to help you implement methods to select the correct patient-warming solution for your facility. Our new Buyer’s Guide aims to assist you in streamlining the procurement process and implementing patient-warming solutions successfully.


Procuring patient-warming solutions

Selecting the appropriate solution for your specific needs can be difficult. Considerations such as cost, space required, and general suitability will influence the patient warming solution that best suits your facility.

We know that pre warmed patients are less likely to experience the unpleasant effects of inadvertent hypothermia, and encourages a positive recovery experience. However, the warming method you choose needs to reflect the needs of the hospital, as well as the patient.

Below are some of the highlights from the THERMARMOUR Buyer’s Guide that we feel will assist in streamlining your procurement process when it comes to patient warming products for surgical procedures.


Highlights from our Buyer’s Guide

thermarmour buyer's guide

Read some of our steps to procurement success below, or you can download the full guide.


Conduct a comprehensive assessment of your institution’s patient warming needs, considering factors such as:

  • Current patient warming methods and their effectiveness across the pre-operative, intraoperative and post operative periods.
  • Challenges or limitations with existing patient warming solutions across the pre, intra and post operative periods.

Engage stakeholders across clinical departments to gather feedback on patient warming requirements, preferences and current gaps and pain points.

thermarmour buyer's guide



Consider guidelines from organisations such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) when evaluating patient warming approaches.

However, it’s important to remember that these guidelines are not prescriptive and may not account for individual institutional needs, preferences and practicalities.

Trusts should make informed decisions based on the evidence gathered from properly conducted trials and effective data monitoring and collection processes.


thermarmour buyer's guide



Determine evaluation criteria for selecting patient warming solution vendors, including factors such as product efficacy, reliability, service and support, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Establish timeline for a trial of one or multiple vendors the procurement process, including key milestones and deadlines for results analysis and vendor selection.



Download our Buyer’s Guide

We hope our guide can assist you with your patient warming procurement decisions, and allow you to select the right option for your facility.

You can contact us with any questions about this guide, our products, or anything else you would like to know.


thermarmour buyer's guide


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