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12th June 2024

THERMARMOUR are an accredited living wage employer!

We are pleased to announce that THERMARMOUR (a division of Interweave Textiles) has been accredited as a living wage employer by the Living Wage Foundation. This accreditation means that all members of staff at THERMARMOUR earn a real Living Wage.

This wage is calculated based on the actual cost of living in the UK, rather than the National Minimum Wage.


Our commitment to our employees

We are proud to join thousands of other organisations who have voluntarily chosen to pay their employees a Living Wage.

Across the company, our employees demonstrate hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers. They deserve fair pay, that reflects their hard work.

The National Living Wage Foundation finds that the difference between the Minimum Wage and the Living Wage equates to over £1000 per year. This could make a significant difference to any employee.

We are going to answer some of your Living Wage employer questions, or you can read more about Living Wage employers.


How is this different from the National Minimum Wage?

In recent years, there have been some changes to the National Minimum Wage. When considering workers aged over 21, the “Minimum Wage” is now referred to as the National Living Wage. Not to be confused with the Actual Living Wage.

The Living Wage Foundation explains that the National Minimum Wage is the government minimum for adults under 21. It is a legal minimum that all organisations must follow for their employees, aged under 21.

The National Living Wage is the government minimum for over 21s, again, this is a legal minimum that must be followed by employers. Neither of these wages have London weighting, to accommodate for the inflated cost of living in the city.


The Real Living Wage

This calculation of this wage considers the actual cost of living experienced across the country. The Low Pay Commission makes recommendations for the National Minimum and Living Wages, whereas the Real Living Wage is based on independent calculations.

It covers a wide range of ages, including 18-year-olds and over. In addition, this wage has a London weighting, which provides a fairer wage for the increased costs of living.

Read more about the Living Wage Foundation.


What are the different wages?

For adults under 21, National Minimum Wage is £8.60.

Adults over 21, the National Living Wage is £11.44.

For adults 18 and over, the Real Living Wage is £12, and £13.15 in London.


More information

To find out more about the Living Wage Foundation, what they do, and how to become an accredited employer, you can visit their website.

Join over 14,000 UK employers and get your Living Wage accreditation!


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