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14th February 2023

Thermal insulation materials, how do they work?

How does insulation work?

In summary, insulation works by trapping air within the layers of the thermal insulation materials.

As the air molecules are trapped within the insulation, the air movement is restricted. This slows down the transfer of heat through the insulation material by convection.

About the Thermarmour thermal insulated materials

Within the Thermarmour insulated material, the air molecules are trapped in multiple layers of different fabrics. Each layer has a different structure and a different job within the material. This makes it very efficient at keeping the air in place.

Thermal Insulation Materials


Looking at the diagram above, this shows the unique 6 layers contained within a piece of Thermarmour material. Annotated on the diagram, you can see that A is the Outer foil layer. This acts as an impermeable barrier to prevent the air molecules from leaving.  B shows that the heat from the air molecules circulates within each layer. C is the innermost layer which is soft to the touch, making it comfortable for the patient to have next to their skin if required. D indicates the 6 different layers of the material, each performing a vital function in the thermal insulation materials.
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