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Customer reviews 5 stars“Great to have on hand in case of an emergency whilst camping or hiking. The fleeced poncho helps retain body heat. The poncho is high quality made and arrives vacuum sealed for easy storage.”
Review received from an Amazon customer, May 2024

Customer reviews 5 stars“Very happy with this item. It arrived vacuum packed – it will take up very little room in a suitcase – and is made from top quality material. It is waterproof and windproof and can be cut to size. I am planning to take it with me when I go hunting for the Northern Lights later this year in case of emergency. Thumbs up from me!”
Review received from an Amazon customer, April 2024

Customer reviews 5 stars“This emergency blanket is quite an obvious step up from the standard foil blankets you get. Instead of being just a foil sheet it is lightly quilted, with a metallic outer layer and softer material inner layer. It feels much more heavy duty than the common blankets. I think it’s worth noting that this style of blanket is regarded so well it is often amongst common medical suppliers kit.”
Review received from an Amazon customer, April 2024

Customer reviews 5 stars“Thermarmour, our go-to products for treating casualties and reducing the risk of hypothermia. Great price & product.”
A. Thompson, January 2024

Customer reviews 5 stars“This service evaluation demonstrated that in spine surgery, the use of a Thermarmour warming blanket can achieve a high degree of compliance with the WHO standard for temperature management.”
The Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital

Customer reviews 5 stars“In summary, when evaluating against mean patient temperature at 40 and 60 minutes, thus study demonstrates Thermarmour’s non-inferiority to forced air warming in the post-operative phase.”
Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Customer reviews 5 stars“We conclude that the preheated Thermarmour and (competitor) perform comparably.”
The Leeds Teaching NHS Hospitals Trust

Customer reviews 5 stars“Thermarmour, a quadruple layer extremely lightweight material made in the UK. Light, strong, thermally excellent and fire-resistant.”
Antarctic Research Team

Customer reviews 5 stars“Thermarmour baby wraps provide optimum temperature control for the youngest patients in the operating theater.”
H. Steinmann, medTec Systems

Customer reviews 5 stars“..perfectly adapted to the needs of the operating theatre.”
H. Steinmann, medTec Systems

Customer reviews 5 stars“If you need it, you will be glad you have it!”
Review received from an Amazon customer, April 2024

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