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30th April 2024

Product spotlight: Hypothermia Evacuation Bag

In military situations, every second counts. That is why we created the THERMARMOUR Emergency evacuation bag. The bag was designed to safely evacuate casualties from harsh conditions and challenging situations.

In these scenarios, the risk of trauma to an individual is high. Not only is evacuating an injured individual a difficult task, but in addition, a casualty will begin to feel the effects of hypothermia after trauma to the body.

Preventing hypothermia from developing is vital. For this reason, the THERMARMOUR Evacuation bag is made from THERMARMOUR Xtreme fabric, built to be both strong and insulating, to deal with these challenging situations.


Product features

Created for the harshest environments, the THERMARMOUR Emergency evacuation bag has a multitude of useful features that are simple to use. This is key in military situations, time is precious and users need to be able to efficiently get a casualty into the bag and out of the environment quickly and safely.


THERMARMOUR Xtreme fabric

The Xtreme fabric is a heavy-duty version of the original THERMARMOUR fabric, which comprises of four uniquely designed layers that combine to maintain human normothermia.

Thermarmour material used in the Military ponchoTHERMARMOUR material:

  • Outer foil layer: Non conductive, soft-touch, waterproof & windproof
  • Central foil layer: Reflective, insulating with very low emissivity
  • Inner foil layer: Provides strength & a moisture barrier
  • Thermal fleece layer: Optimised for airflow and minimal linting

THERMARMOUR Xtreme fabric has been tried and tested to withstand the harshest of conditions, such as the Antarctic. It comprises of the following layers:

  • Outer layer: Waterproof, durable and fire resistant
  • Central layers: THERMARMOUR fabric
  • Inner layer: Soft touch, while providing additional tensile strength and structure

THERMARMOUR is a multi-layer bonded fabric designed around the principle of producing reflective and convection heat. It works by restoring the core body temperature using the individuals own body as a heat source.

This makes our hypothermia prevention products standalone, as they do not require an additional heat source to work effectively. Making them ideal for emergency situations such as in the military, or in rescue operations.



THERMARMOUR in the Xtremes

Antarctic tent after superstorm

5 years ago, a group of ProPolar researchers went to Antarctica, taking a bespoke THERMARMOUR tent with them, with the intent to test the structure and heat insulation material of the fabric.

Our Xtreme fabric was used as the inner lining of the tent, due to its excellent insulation properties. Combined with outer tent skins, the tent was ready to go. The team slept well overnight, despite outside temperatures of around -10C!

In 2024, we checked back in with the Antarctic team to find out how the tent is holding up in such extreme weather. Five years in the Antarctic has tested the tent to its limits, but the weather was no match for THERMARMOUR Xtreme. After standing for 5 years through cold and winds, the tent was hit with a “superstorm” earlier this year.

Despite these extreme conditions, the THERMARMOUR material remains intact. An additional outer layer that was provided by another supplier was destroyed in this superstorm. In contrast, the Xtreme fabric underneath remained firmly in place, protecting the team inside and keeping them warm.

This tough fabric is what makes the emergency evacuation bag so durable and reliable. This test highlights the resilience of THERMARMOUR Xtreme, ideal for uncertain and difficult circumstances, such as, military medics, lowland rescue and mountain search & rescue, expedition and extreme sport survival kits, and first responders.


For more information about our THERMARMOUR Xtreme material, you can visit our technology page, watch our product videos, or get in touch with us.


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