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2nd June 2024

Product spotlight: Emergency poncho

Hypothermic shock can occur in more situations than you may think. Typically, it is thought of as a “cold weather only problem”, which affects people in the winter, or in harsh conditions such as snow.

However, this is simply not the case. A significant contributor to hypothermia developing is trauma. Unfortunately, trauma can occur anywhere, and sometimes a casualty may suffer an injury in a difficult environment, such as during a hike, or in a body of water.

One way that we can combat this risk of hypothermic shock in emergencies is by using warming products, such as the Emergency poncho.


Hypothermia in trauma patients

Our Emergency poncho was designed to be convenient and simple to use, most effective in an emergency situation, hence the name! It can be carried easily in a backpack, or emergency kit. This reduces your risk of developing hypothermia if you have an accident and need to wait for medical assistance.hypothermic shock

The Journal Article – Trauma and Hypothermia explains that “hypothermia decreases the metabolic function of the body and is neuroprotective. However, injured patients in whom hypothermia develops have a higher mortality than do patients with a similar injury severity who remain normothermic.”

Hypothermia in trauma patients can sometimes be overlooked. Treating the injury, pain levels and mental distress of a patient naturally becomes a priority for first responders. Despite this instinct, hypothermia should be an early consideration when responding to an emergency.

We know that preventing hypothermia is simpler than treating it. Therefore, the use of a patient warming product is a simple way to tackle potential complications as a result of developing hypothermia.



THERMARMOUR Emergency poncho

hypothermic shockThe Emergency poncho is made from THERMARMOUR’s innovative passive warming technology fabric. The unique design of the poncho provides coverage, without the need to hold the product around a person.

This convenient design is most suitable for those who are unable to hold an emergency blanket, or have sustained an injury. The poncho is placed over the head, and covers the torso and the top of the legs. It also features a hood.


  • One size fits most
  • Can be cut to size
  • Can be pre-warmed
  • Non-conductive and radiolucent
  • No additional heat source required
  • Shower-proof with high visibility levels
  • Compressed packaging for ease of storage

IDEAL FOR: Emergency services, Search & Rescue teams, First responders, Military personnel, Outdoor enthusiasts, Private medical providers, Recovery vehicles and breakdowns.


Purchase the THERMARMOUR Emergency poncho

You can purchase our Emergency poncho as a single product, or if you require a larger order, you can contact our helpful team.

Conveniently, you can purchase THERMARMOUR patient-warming products online, available for immediate despatch and fast UK mainland delivery.


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