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22nd February 2023

Product spotlight: Thermarmour Emergency Thermal Blanket

A highly heat efficient 6-layer emergency thermal blanket solution

The Thermarmour emergency thermal blanket is designed to be a simple heating source for those in emergency situations. The blanket is able to capture body heat before, during, and after anaesthetic is administered. Reducing the risks of hypothermia for the patient.

Developed with clinicians and medics, the Thermarmour emergency blanket focuses on improving patient outcomes peri, intra and post operatively. To ensure the smoothest and safest experience for patients.

Tests indicate that maintaining core temperature gives the patient a much improved outcome, reducing surgical risks such as infections. As well as aiding the general recovery time. The Thermarmour emergency blanket is a vital item in any emergency kit.


Product features

To give the best outcome, the Thermarmour emergency thermal blanket is equipped with many beneficial features.

  • Maintains patient normothermia
  • X-ray compatible
  • Suitable for use with diathermy and cautery treatments
  • Shrink wrapped for storage
  • Developed with clinical expertise
  • Can be ‘pre charged’ in blanket warmer for cooler temperatures

The easy storage of the Thermarmour emergency blanket ensures it can be safely and easily packed in most emergency kits.

Thermarmour emergency thermal blanket







Emergency thermal blanket: Product benefits

The unique features of the blanket distinguish the emergency blanket from other patient warming solutions.

  • Can be used in X-ray machines
  • Unique 6 layer lamination fabric
  • Latex free – suitable for allergies
  • Easy to use & store
  • Cost effective warming solution
  • Recyclable
  • Single use
  • Can be cut to size without damaging integrity


If you are interested in the Thermarmour emergency blanket, take a look here


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