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10th February 2023

Orvewrap passive warming material has been re-branded as THERMARMOUR

Interweave Textiles Ltd purchased Orvecare in 2021. One of the most exciting aspects of taking on the new company, team and products was the opportunity that the passive warming blanket product offered.

The product was called OrveWrap. It was marketed predominantly to the medical sector. Used by hospitals to warm patients from consent all the way through to post-operative recovery. The high tech material was unique in the way it passively warms patients with no need for a secondary heat source. Maintaining patient normothermia is key during surgery, to prevent hypothermia. The Orvewrap was X-ray compatible as well as being suitable for use with diathermy and cautery treatments. It could be “pre-charged” in a blanket warmer if needed.

Interweave Textiles saw potential in other markets in and outside of the UK, including other medical applications. But also military use, as well as search & rescue operations, festivals and many others.

Redevelopment of the brand

The newly merged Interweave and Orvecare team engaged the clever people at brand agency Picture Smiths, to help devise a suitable new brand for this ground-breaking, highly technical product.

The brand evolved from Orvewrap’s purely medical focus into the strikingly bold brand of THERMARMOUR, designed to be appealing for a wider audience. The radiating red lozenge is designed to indicate the protection and inherent warming nature of the product. A core set of 3 confident colours used alongside the brand portrays the three main sectors that THERMARMOUR is perfectly suited, which are: Medical, Emergency and Military.

Rebranded from Orvewrap to Thermarmour

Initial feedback on the re-brand from customers who know the product as Orvewrap, has been very positive. Whether you’ve known us for a long time, or maybe you have found us for the first time today. Either way, we look forward to discussing THERMARMOUR with you. Perhaps it’s an ideal solution for an issue you’re experiencing. Get in touch

What hasn’t changed

The high-tech, clinically-approved passive warming material hasn’t changed. At it’s core, it delivers the same trustworthy results.

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