Tested in the world's harshest environments

THERMARMOUR Military Hypothermia Prevention

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Prevent hypothermia in casualties

THERMARMOUR can help, by alleviating heat loss and allowing the casualty to begin to return to a normothermic state without introducing an active heat source.

Hard-wearing solution for challenging environments

Tested successfully for use in the Antarctic, in temperatures as low as -25°C, THERMARMOUR Xtreme is a bonded fabric created to have all the insulating properties of the original THERMARMOUR, but with added tensile and tear strength.

THERMARMOUR Medical Blanket layers

Thermarmour is a multi-layered system, giving the finished materials the ideal combination of properties for maintaining human normothermia levels at 37 degrees Centigrade.

The THERMARMOUR military evacuation bag is made from THERMARMOUR Xtreme. This is a heavy-duty version of the material, with 2 additional layers. It is tried and tested to withstand the harshest of conditions. Even in the Antarctic!

Outer Layer: Waterproof, durable and fire resistant.

Central Layers: THERMARMOUR (as shown above)

Inner Layer: Soft touch, while providing additional tensile strength and structure.

Here are 8 key benefits of the Hypothermia Evacuation Bag:

1. Water and wind proof as well as fire resistant

2. Padded base layer for added protection and patient comfort

3. Triage card pockets to identify immediate patient requirements

4. Built-in full length incontinence pad to absorb bodily fluids

5. Conveniently rolls up and is easy to store

6. Eight lifting straps, tested in-house to 260kg

7. Strategically positioned velcro openings to allow easy access to treat the wounded

8. Harness attached with carabiner for dragging

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