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Emergency blanket for hypothermia prevention

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THERMARMOUR can decrease the risk of hypothermia

Hypothermia is a major contributor to morbidity and mortality within trauma patients or those stuck in cold conditions.

THERMARMOUR can help by alleviating this heat loss and allow the patient to begin to return to a normothermic state without introducing an active heat source. It starts working from the moment it is applied to the casualty.


Urgent emergency situations need simple solutions that work

Any trauma casualty will begin to feel the effects of hypothermia. THERMARMOUR Emergency Blanket or Poncho should be given to the casualty immediately. This will begin the warming process whilst they are undergoing the initial assessment process.

Poncho helps to protect the casualty as soon as assistance arrives

Developed with medics for the emergency services, the Thermarmour warming poncho blanket helps to protect the patient while they wait for further assistance. For example, after an accident. The emergency warming poncho alleviates heat loss and allows the patient to return to a normothermic state.

THERMARMOUR is in use by the following organisations: Ambulance Services, First Responders, Fire Service, Police Force, Search & Rescue Organisations, Coast Guard, RNLI and others

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THERMARMOUR Medical Blanket layers

THERMARMOUR is a multi-layered system, giving the finished materials the ideal combination of properties for maintaining human normothermia levels at 37 degrees Centigrade. Read more

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