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Hypothermia Prevention

Clinically proven hypothermia prevention technology

Clinically proven hypothermia prevention technology

Designed to protect the user from external temperature changes and help maintain normothermia even when they are at their most vulnerable. Our passive warming technology has been designed and developed with experts in the medical and emergency fields. THERMARMOUR delivers clinically proven hypothermia prevention technology.

Advanced Warming Technology

THERMARMOUR is a unique, versatile four-layer bonded fabric that acts as a passive warming system. It was developed in partnership, utilising the expertise of surgical clinicians and operational field medics, to help maintain patient core temperature at 37oC.

Technical Specifications

  • 534

    Various sizes available

  • 541

    Standalone single use

  • 542

    Can be cut to size

  • 543

    No secondary heating source required

  • 544

    X-ray compatible

  • 546


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