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28th July 2023

How Thermarmour works in military

Hypothermia prevention is key in all rescue and emergency situations, the Military is no exception. Our Military bag has been tested successfully for use in the Antarctic, built to be durable in harsh conditions and intense situations.

We spoke to an Airsoft member to understand how our hypothermia products suit their needs, routines and procedures. Here is what we found out…


What kinds of things would be taken out with you?

“This will depend on the situation. Some may take backpacks, ammunition, a chest rig, walkie talkies,, headphones, amongst others. As well as drinks for hydration.”


What challenges (outside of obvious danger) would be faced in military style environments?

“Hot weather definitely causes issues when you’re outdoors all day. Staying hydrated is key which is why we all carry water bottles. Other risks include tripping and falling, as well as cuts and bruises.”


What kind of preventative equipment would be used?

“In terms of preventing accidents, we do all wear boots with ankle support, helmets, and some of us wear lower face guards and eye protection. Gloves are also important.”


Would you prepare products to move a person in an emergency, or deal with it after it happens?

“It depends on the nature of the injury and it it was deemed safe to move someone then we would try. However, we don’t typically have any products to do this, so it’s best that we wait for emergency services to arrive.”


How beneficial would the Xtreme Hypothermia bag be in military situations and emergencies?

“Could be very useful to have one available to use in extreme conditions.”


Do you like the features of the hypothermia bag?

“Having used it today in the demo we found it very practical. It’s comfortable for the patient in the bag too.”


Do you think this hypothermia bag would be easy to store, carry and use?

“It’s certainly an acceptable size, just the same as a sleeping bag.”


Thermarmour Xtreme Hypothermia Bag

Specially designed emergency or rescue casualty bag that offers excellent insulation. Protects against harsh weather such as wind, rain and cold. The hypothermia bag is used to move casualties in a dangerous situation. Learn more.


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