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2nd February 2024

Thermarmour protects researchers in the Antarctic: 5 years on

Back in February 2019, a group of ProPolar researchers from 5 universities went to Antarctica to test the structure and heat insulation material of the Thermarmour fabric. You can read more about the original trip to Antarctica.

The group took a Thermarmour bespoke tent on their trip, with the intention of testing how the fabric holds up to the challenging elements. In addition, the researchers wanted to determine how well the material retains heat, and how successfully it keeps them warm during their experiment period.

Is Thermarmour Xtreme the best material for heat insultation? Let’s find out.


Testing Thermarmour in the Antarctic

Prior to the trip to Antarctica, a pop-up tent with two skins of Thermarmour fabric was created, with one external layer and one internal layer. The structure was field tested in a cold store facility in Hull to ensure its suitability.

Tests were conducted by Professor Adrian Pitts from the University of Huddersfield, and the pop-up structure was supplied by Stainton Reed at Sheerspeed of Honiton. This test found that the double envelope of fabric almost eliminated “cold bridging”. After this test, the team gained confidence in going ahead with the tent plans.

Once the team reached the Antarctic, they quickly put up the tent structure, and installed the inner and outer layer of Thermarmour Xtreme fabric.

Despite temperatures outside of around minus 10C, the team in the Antarctic slept well. The strong and stormy winds were no match for Thermarmour, and the tent remained intact throughout the research period.


Five years on: Is Thermarmour the best material for heat insulation?

Five years in the Antarctic has tested the tent to its limits, but Thermarmour Xtreme has taken every storm in its stride. The tent has been standing since 2019, enduring years of cold and wind. Recently, what’s called a “superstorm” hit the area.

Despite such extreme conditions of the storm, the Thermarmour Xtreme fabric remains intact. An additional outer layer of the tent provided by another supplier, was destroyed in this storm. However, the Thermarmour Xtreme fabric underneath stood firmly in place. Protecting the team inside from the dangerous winds, and keeping them warm.

This perfectly highlights the durability and resilience of Thermarmour heat insulation fabric, and why it is used in challenging and emergency situations. When considering the best material for heat insulation, think Thermarmour Xtreme.


What makes Thermarmour fabric unique?

Our emergency and medical products are made from our traditional Thermarmour fabric. Consisting of four layers:

Outer foil layer: Non conductive, soft-touch, waterproof & windproof

Central foil layer: Reflective, insulating with very low emissivity

Inner foil layer: provides strength & a moisture barrier

Thermal fleece layer: Optimised for airflow and minimal linting


Thermarmour Xtreme

The specific fabric used to create the tent in the Antarctic is actually made from Thermarmour Xtreme. This is a heavy duty version of the above material. It has been tried and tested to withstand the harshest of conditions. Making it the perfect fabric for a tent in the some of the most extreme conditions on earth.

Specially designed to provide excellent insulation properties to protect against wind, rain, and the cold. The outer layer of the fabric repels and sheds water to expediate the drying process. Whilst maintaining insulation properties even when wet.

Xtreme fabric comprises of three layers. The different layers work cohesively to provide the appropriate protection and heat insulation.

Outer layer: Waterproof, durable and fire resistant.

Central layers: Thermarmour fabric.

Inner layer: Soft touch, while providing additional tensile strength and structure.



Thermarmour X provides a hard-wearing solution for challenging environments. Xtreme is a bonded fabric created to have all the insulating properties of the original Thermarmour, but with added tensile and tear strength.

This makes it suitable to be built into products which need to be highly durable in harsh conditions and situations, such as the Antarctic. Thermarmour Xtreme is trusted by field-leading partners from European militaries, and is one of the core materials used in our military Hypothermia Bag, designed for soldier or civilian extraction in conflict situations.


Do you have an idea for an innovation project using heat insulation materials? Please get in touch.


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